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   Were I to take hold of the Spirit’s stirrings from within, a grace-filled sense of awe, gratitude and wonder would continually surface…

Yea, there is the sense of awe, gratitude and wonder at the multi-colored and varied ways by which one could concretely perceive God’s Touch – personally or individually, communally or as church.

God touches most intimately and uniquely in moments of prayer before his Presence before the Blessed Sacrament… His ‘touch’ is in the (inspiring) witness of a prayer life in actual praxis: in communion with God, self and others… His ‘touch’ that spiritually strengthens and heals is in the gift of the sacraments.

God’s touch is concretely experienced and felt in an-other’s ‘touch’: a smile; a kind, appreciative and affirming word; a hand extended to welcome or help; a friendly or encouraging pat on the arm/shoulder; sincere gestures of care, concern and love – through emails, textmessages of ‘hello’s’ or ‘hi’s’; the listening ear; the time generously shared to be ‘present’ to the other; and, many more besides!

Finally, God’s Touch is made all the more present and visible in the beauty of all his creation: in man (woman) created in God’s image and likeness; in nature and all its creatures (great and small) who unceasingly and endlessly sing, praise, honor and give glory to God round-the-clock, 24/7…

Truly and verily, God’s Touch permeates the troubled world we live and move in… if we only but open all our senses to see, to hear, to smell,to  touch and to hear…

Dear God, grace and bless us all with an awareness and appreciation of your ‘renewing’ touch. Dispose us to allow ourselves to be touched by You. May our touch likewise be transforming and a blessing for ourselves, to one another, to the Church and the world we dwell in…

May it be so.

Deo Gratias.

[Ours is the CALL and the challenge to spread and share God’s (manifold) touch in our day-to-day life. Would we DARE RESPOND to the challenge? It’s just a thought!]



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