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“I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own and my own know me…”
Social networking. Video sharing. Online gaming. The world has become a global village where people are hooked by a giant web, which created virtual relationships and unreal identities. What is what? and who is who? The rise of unconscious identity crises and confusions. This is one of the world’s realities today.
Jesus is asking, “Who do people say that I am?” Some see him as a mere historical figure – a Jew who lived in Nazareth with Mary and Joseph. For others, he is a sensational character who spoke parables; a healer; a miracle worker. While there are still many others in some parts of the globe who remained in these knowledge of Jesus, many of us today have known and acknowledged him as the Messiah, the Master…the Good Shepherd.
“But who do you say that I am?” For the youth of today, it’s so easy for them to declare the generic identities of Jesus – Lord, Son of God, Savior, etc. But the same question is being thrown to each of us today especially to the young: Who is really Jesus for me? Have I experienced Him in my life that proved Him to be Someone so relevant?
He has no ordinary profile as what we can find in any social network; neither a character on a video we tend to like and share; nor an avatar playing an identity in an on-line game. Though he is always on-line, he is never virtual but an actual and real person.
He is always within anyone’s reach. He never declares “access denied” when we come to him. Do the young people of today try to be constantly connected with him?
The youth hear stories about Jesus in the Holy Mass. He makes himself experienced by them through the sacraments. Scriptures too have a lot to unveil about his person when they take time to read and meditate on them. Every day, he actually makes himself known to them. Their parents, their brothers and sisters, friends, and others are daily manifestations of his presence and identity to them. Even events that happened to them also teach us lessons that make them grow in their knowledge of Jesus.
“…I know my own and my own know me…”
Much as the young people desire to increase their knowledge of Jesus, they need instruments to give and make Him known to them. The Church unceasingly finds ways to reach out to the young, and encourage them to discover the beauty of the seed of vocation planted in the core of their persons. She sends apostles—the priests and consecrated men and women who proclaim the splendor of the call they received. Witnessing awakens vocation. This is our call. This is our duty…to draw more young people to embrace the life of consecration and of service that God granted us to witness and live.
Our congregation within the Pauline Family received the mission to ‘draw all to the Beauty that saves’. That this Beauty, who is Jesus himself be known, loved and served by humanity. For every disciple, Jesus is the Beauty who unceasingly attracts her heart to come to him… listen and learn from him. And in knowing Jesus Master, she gradually grows in acquiring the same heart as his, imitating the life he lived. To every PDDM as well as to those whom he wished to make himself known as the Divine Master, Jesus constantly teaches the Way, the Truth and the Life that would unite us with Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit.
– by Sr. M. Janice, PDDM


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Vocation Story

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Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love is everlasting! ~Psalm 118:1

Such was and is the sentiment that pervaded from the recent meeting with the young ladies and visit to their families that we had in Ormoc City from April 11-13, 2012.

Vocation, the call to follow and serve God particularly through the priesthood and the religious life is, and continues to be, a gift offered to the one especially chosen to hear and generously heed the voice of Him who invites and calls.

It is marvellous at this present time, even warmly refreshing, to meet and see young women who would sincerely and with utter simplicity express that they do desire to become a nun, a Sister, a religious. Evenmore awesome is the full support and encouragement that the parents, their families, friends and Church community give them.

For the wonders the Lord unceasingly allows us to tangibly experience, our hearts gratefully sing out, in joy:  Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love is everlasting! (Psalm 118:1)

Lord of the Harvest, God and Author of Life and of our vocation, sustain with your grace all whom you especially call to the priesthood and the religious state. May the fire of love of you in their hearts, in our hearts, be kept ever burning through your Word and the sacraments; through the goodness, love and care we concretely manifest and share to one another, to all who walk the pilgrim way with us!

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